Edição especial da RBPI – China rising – strategies and tactics of China’s growing presence in the world

O Instituto Brasileiro de Relações Internacionais – IBRI informa o lançamento da edição especial da Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional – RBPI, intitulada “China rising – strategies and tactics of China’s growing presence in the world”, editada por Henrique Altemani de Oliveira, Professor da Universidade Estadual da Paraíba – UEPB e por Antônio Carlos Lessa, professor da Universidade de Brasília e editor da RBPI.


  • China rising – strategies and tactics of China’s growing presence in the world: a special issue of RBPI, by Henrique Altemani de Oliveira & Antônio Carlos Lessa


  • Mao’s steps in Monroe’s backyard: towards a United States-China hegemonic struggle in Latin America?, by Jose León-Manríquez & Luis F. Alvarez;
  • Swords into ploughshares? China’s Soft Power strategy in Southeast Asia and its challenges, by Tony Tai-Ting Liu & Tung-Chieh Tsai;
  • China’s rising Soft Power: the role of rhetoric in constructing China-Africa relations, by Lucy Jane Corkin;
  • Japan and India: soft balancing as a reaction to China’s rise?, by Wellington Amorim & Antonio Henrique Lucena da Silva;
  • The international implications of the Chinese model of development in the Global South: Asian Consensus as a network power, by Javier Vadell, Leonardo Ramos, Pedro Neves;
  • Brazil, China, US: a triangular relation?, by José Augusto Guilhon-Albuquerque;
  • China’s proposing behavior in Global Governance: the cases of the WTO Doha Round negotiation and G-20 process, by Hongsong Liu;
  • South-South relations and the English School of International Relations: Chinese and Brazilian ideas and involvement in Sub-Saharan Africa, by Joseph Marques & Anthony Spanakos;
  • Between system maker and privileges taker: the role of China in the Greater Mekong Sub-region, by Truong-Minh Vu;
  • Chinese energy policy progress and challenges in the transition to low carbon development, 2006–2013, by Larissa Basso & Eduardo Viola;
  • The tale of a Trojan horse or the quest for market access? China and the World Trade Organization, by Sven Van Kerckhoven & Adriaan Luyten;
  • Peaceful rise and the limits of Chinese exceptionalism, by Raquel Vaz-Pinto;
  • Macau in China’s relations with the lusophone world, by Carmen Amado Mendes;
  • Muddle or march: China and the 21st century Concert of Powers, by Weizhun Mao;
  • Chinese engagement for Global Governance: aiming for a better room at the table?, by Henrique Altemani de Oliveira & Alexandre César Cunha Leite.

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